SISSEL EDELBO is a company with a flat organization, where community and good collegial relations are much valued. It is important for us, that all employees feel appreciated and that they can fulfill their potential. We believe that strong relations strengthens good results and we strive to celebrate success and new achievements, also together with our Indian co-workers. We have had festive gatherings with food and drinks with more than 80 colleagues, who take part in making SISSEL EDELBO products. This is something that brings joy and pride to them as well as us.

We initiate fair and constructive dialogue with both customers and agents at home and abroad, and believe top results are best made by working together.

We strive our customers utmost satisfaction, and work hard in our customer service, both B2C and B2B. Our goal is to build up strong relations - to us, social responsible emphasis as important as environmental considerations.

Several times a year we visit our suppliers in India, to witness with our own eyes how the workers thrive and work within safe and good conditions.
During the eight-hour working day starting at 10 o clock, lunchbreaks and several daily "chai-breakes" are prioritized. All employees get fair wages, matching their job description and responsibilities. We have a continuous dialogue with factory owners to ensure good working conditions and fair wages.

When travelling in India, we visit new potential partners before starting up any new production. This gives us the opportunity to experience the level of activity and the conditions firsthand. We ask relevant questions to ensure whether to start working together with new suppliers.

We cooporate with Sourcing House, experts in socially responsible production throughout the textile industry. They supervise, on our behalf, before taking in new business partners. This ensures a good and loyal corporation.

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