Inger Kantha Pillow (45 x 45) Karma Kantha Pillow (50 x 50) Samsara Big Kantha Pillow (70 x 100)

Unique and characteristic kantha pillows    
With our unique and sustainable kantha pillows you will get a colorful expression in your home with a hint of India. Spice up your home by adding these unique one-of-a-kind pillows to your interior. Mix and match the colorful pillows to create just the vibe you want in your home. Whether you are you looking for a romantic and feminine expression or a colorful explosion you will find it at SISSEL EDELBO. Combine pillows with different shapes and colors for a personal expression. Our assortment consists of several different pillows that can be used anywhere in your home – on the sofa, on the bed or in a comfortable armchair. You can add new life and a completely new look to old furniture with a kantha pillow in stunning colors. The pillows are made of cotton, and they are soft and comfortable.

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