Who made my clothes?

At SISSEL EDELBO, we endeavour to have regular contact with our suppliers. This means that, as far as possible, we prioritise dialogue with owners and managers, as well as with masters, seamstresses and quality teams. We get daily status updates, big and small, so we have a feel for the flow in our factories.

In recent years, we have joined the #Whomademyclothes, which is part of the annual Fashion Revolution Week.

The purpose of the campaign is to give textile workers a voice and ensure improvements in their conditions and working conditions. By asking “Who Made My Clothes?” consumers can be critical of various brands – and this is necessary. The campaign is a call for more transparency from the world’s fashion brands. At SISSEL EDELBO, transparency are highly valued aspects of our value chain. Therefore, as a brand, we actively support the #Whomademyclothes campaign. Below you can meet some of the key people who make our clothes.

Meet three of the employees making your SISSEL EDELBO clothes

Vanita has been working with SISSEL EDELBO since 2014. She plays a vital part in the process of style development and choosing saris. She is in charge of sourcing all materials needed for producing our products. Vinita also helps getting our goods delivered to Denmark and has all dialogue with freight agencies.
Vanita is a modern Indian woman, who despite being married and the mother to a daughter, has chosen to keep working. She is ambitious and highly respected among colleagues and co-workers. Vinita loves working with SISSEL EDELBO, and she likes that the brand is founded by two women.

Mansingh is a vital employee with varied tasks and great responsibility. He assists buying and calculating prices for saris. He is in charge for the production of our upcycled clothes, and he makes sure we get all sales samples as well as the entire final production of both clothes and accessories.

People close to him call him Manu. He is the father of three and lives in a small village together with his family. Manu has developed good English skills over the years, and he is always up for giving a lift on his scooter to find souvenirs. Manu loves the fashion industry. He meets many different people from various cultures, which he finds interesting. On a day choosing saris alongside Manu, you always have many good and deep conversations.

Mukesh is the one, who finds the majority of our beautiful vintage saris. Before buying, he sends us pictures of the different prints for us to choose from. This way we curate, from the very beginning, which saris to become part of our collections. Mukesh has been an employee at one of our suppliers since 2017, and he knows exactly what we are looking for regarding quality.
Mukesh has taught himself Danish, and we get daily greetings like “Goodmorning my friend” in perfect Danish. He is dedicated and friendly and is as passionate as us working with vintage saris. It is within this field he wishes to evolve and make a career. Mukesh lives with his mother, whom he loves dearly.

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