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Vintage saris

The sari is at the core of SISSEL EDELBO’s products. A sari is the traditional Indian garment that are worn draped around women’s bodies. At SISSEL EDELBO, we pay homage to the sari through our reinterpreted design, all of which are primarily sewn from saris. The sari is considered to be the oldest traditional garment.

We love working with recycled materials and always look forward to selecting saris for new collections. Although we have been working with vintage saris since 2004, it is always equally exciting to browse through the collected piles of saris source from all over India. Their beautiful prints help to define a SISSEL EDELBO style – and we have a very special style, characterised by the saris that speak intuitively to our aesthetics.

Recycled saris range widely when it comes to their material composition. Indian saris do not come with a care label with its material composition, and thus we cannot guarantee what each individual sari is composed of. The saris can vary from a mix of cotton, polyester, and viscose to a mix with silk. This therefore means that when it comes to these saris, we do not have the ability to clarify material-specific information in the style descriptions of our products.



In the development of our responsible production, we at SISSEL EDELBO have expanded our ready-to-ear collections with Kantha as the material. Kantha means “repaired cloth” and refers to the tradition of making something new from used fabrics. The Kantha technique is particularly characterised by the many rows of short, continuous stitches, seen on our blankets and most recently in our light jackets and waistcoats. Both blankets and clothes are made without polyester filling and are created exclusively from stitched cotton saris. 

Kantha is a traditional embroidery method popular among India women. The tradition is several hundred years old, as old saris are given new life as quilted blankets, cushions, and clothes – completely in line with SISSEL EDELBO’s love for vintage materials. The recycled saris are layered and stitched together by hand so that the beautiful saris are matched in layers and patterns before the Kantha embroidery begins. The hallmark of Kantha is the uniform visible stitches carefully stitched in straight rows or decorative patterns. Each Kantha is one-of-a-kind in both print and colour combination. 

Organic Cotton

At SISSEL EDELBO, we feel inspired to explore the textiles that the world contains and the possibilities that exist in traditional Indian materials. Most of our collections have been made from vintage Indian saris. As a completely new concept, we are introducing organic cotton styles to our range. These styles are woven with the fantastic double gauze method which makes the clothes feel incredibly soft against the skin.

For SISSEL EDELBO, it is important that our entire chain of value work together to create a better understanding of enviromental problems. With organic cotton, the sustainable focus is there from the very beginning with the harvesting of raw materials, through to a environmentally conscious and socially responsible production, and finally all the way up to being a responsible insurance for the consumer in the end.

Handmade Crochet

With great love for good craftmanship, we have developed the latest collections of handmade crochet styles in beautiful colour combinations, created to last season after season. At SISSEL EDELBO, we take pride in preserving old techniques and the local craft traditions that exist out in the world, so that the strong cultural roots can be preserved. 

Crepe PURE Silk

Crepe silk has a long history and was originally used in various ceremonies. The specific weaving technique makes the fabric soft and breathable. Crepe silk saris have been worn by Indian women for decades and now we, at SISSEL EDELBO, want to give the textiles new life with our Nordic aesthetic sense. Due to the silk’s fine composition, we only use crepe silk to make clothes. 

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