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Vintage saris

The core of SISSEL EDELBO is the sari. A sari is the traditional garment that women in India drape around their body. The sari is considered one of the oldest traditional garments. SISSEL EDELBO wish to pay tribute to the saris through our modern designs.
We love working with secondhand materials, and we always look forward to choosing saris for our new collections. Even though we have worked with saris since 2004, it is always exciting to look through the collected bundles of saris sourced all over India – There is always lots of new prints and color combinations that inspire us.
When choosing saris, we have sudden criteria. The two most important ones being pattern and material. Beautiful prints define the style of SISSEL EDELBO. We have a distinct look, defined by which saris that intuitively match our aesthetics.
Secondly, we choose saris which are soft, fluid and have a beautiful drape.

Reused saris have a wide range of compositions. Saris do not come with a care label, which means we cannot guarantee the composition. Saris can differ from a mix of cotton, polyester, viscose to a mix with silk. Therefore, we have no way of knowing, and cannot inform the material composition for our styles due to this variation.
Cotton saris, silk saris and saris with unknown composition can vary in weight and thickness as well as type of weave – and they have all different finish and hand feel.



Developing our sustainable production, SISSEL EDELBO has added Kantha as material and look to our ready-to-wear collection. Kantha means “mended clothes” and refers to the tradition of creating new from used fabric. The characteristics of Kantha technique is long lines of stitching on a ground of layered and mixed patterned clothes. We have used Kantha for our blankets and have started using them for light jackets and vests. Both blankets and jackets are made without using polyester padding and are made solely from stitched up cotton saris.

Kantha is a traditional embroidery technique popular amongst women in India. The tradition has been used for hundreds of years giving new life to old saris when made into quilted blankets, pillows, and clothes – in line with SISSEL EDELBO's love for vintage saris. The old saris are layered on top of each other and mended together to match in pattern, then finished off by Kantha hand stitch embroidery on top. Kantha characteristics are the uniform visible stitches sincerely made in straight lines or in decorative patterns. Every Kantha is one-of-a-kind in both print and color.
We combine this traditional, Indian textile with western design and aesthetics.

Organic Cotton

We feel inspired to explore the world of textiles and see endless possibilities in the Indian traditional garments. Most of our collections have previously been made from vintage saris from India. As a completely new concept, we are introducing organic cotton styles to our assortiment. The styles are made in the amazing double gauze weaving that undeniably feels incredible soft against the skin.

For SISSEL EDELBO it is important that the entire supply chain works towards a greater understanding for environmental issues. With the organic cotton the sustainable focus is placed from the beginning with the harvest of raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing all the way up to provide labelling that ensures assurance to the end consumer.

Crepe PURE Silk

As a recent addition to our Sissel Edelbo silk assortment we have included Crepe PURE SILK. Crepe silk has a long history and originally stems from ceremonial use. The specific weaving makes the fabric delicate and breathable. 

The Crepe PURE SILK saris have been worn by Indian women throughout centuries and now we want to bring new life to these garments with our nordic sense of aesthetic. Due to the exquisite nature of crepe silk, we are using the material to make clothing garments. The clothes are then made to feel airy and comfortable when worn.

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