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      Vintage Kantha Blanket Vintage Kantha Suzani Blanket

      Bohemian inspired blankets and plaids      
      With a unique and colorful SISSEL EDELBO blanket you will add a bohemian inspired look to your home. The blanket is sustainable and made of vintage cotton saris as part of the SISSEL EDELBO zero waste mindset. The blankets come in different combinations of colors and patterns and are uniquely put together by two or more layers of cotton material. Some of the blankets are made of several layers creating a patchwork-like effect. Use the blankets as a stylish bedspread to add color and warmth to your bedroom, or add personality and a spark to your living room by casually slinging a colorful plaid over an armrest or your sofa. Together with our kantha pillows, the blanket can add new life to your sofa or help to express your style in the living room.

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