There is No Planet B

It is our planet and therefore it is our responsibility.

An important statement at SISSEL EDELBO is: There is No Planet B. There is no other planet like the earth that we can move to, if our overconsumption, pollution and using up all resources makes the earth uninhabitable. Therefore, we have to change our ways. As a sustainable brand, we work to find solutions to minimize waste. We aim to contribute and step by step revolutionize the fashion industry from within. There is much to be done to ensure the future of the planet for our descendants.

We all must act, step up and contribute. It is our planet and therefore it is our responsibility.

As a producing brand, it is impossible to become 100% sustainable, but we can always improve and do our best to make changes. We set the bar high and always look for optimizing sustainable and environmentally well-thought solutions.
SISSEL EDELBO is proud to offer modern women the sustainable choice to not support the fast-fashion industry, without having to compromise their wish for stylish clothes.

Every day we try hard to improve our patterns of consumption, and to embrace the sustainable solutions we have already chosen, despite there is often both a cheaper and easier way.
The hard work finding and choosing thousands of vintage saris, instead of using ordinary fabrics, pays off when thinking of CO₂ and the love for Mother Earth. We are willing to walk that extra mile to reuse instead of produce.

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