There is No Planet B

It is our planet and therefore it is our responsibility.

An important statement for SISSEL EDELBO is: There is no Planet B. In reference to the fact that there is no other planet to go to if we overconsume and exhaust all our earth’s resources, with the enormous amount of pollution of our present. As a sustainable brand, SISSEL EDELBO always work to find solutions that create the least possible waste. We try to contribute and revolutionise the fashion industry step for step. We work based on the vision that it is our Mother Earth and thus our responsibility!

It is impossible to become 100% sustainable as a production brand, but we can always do more and improve our actions and consumption. More precisely, we at SISSEL EDELBO want to set the bar higher and always optimise ourselves on sustainable and environmentally sound decisions and measures. SISSEL EDELBO is proud to do the work for modern women who want to avoid supporting the fast fashion industry, thus making it easier for the consumer to make the sustainable choice and look amazing in the process. 

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