Zero Waste

The goal for our Zero Waste concept is to use all the fabric when upcycling the beautiful and unique saris

In 2017 when the demand for SISSEL EDELBO increased, we saw with our own eyes, the amount of leftover fabric our own production had. Typically only one dress or kimono can be cut from one sari, but there are always leftovers. These leftovers were just as beautiful as the fabric already used. Therefore, we decided to design our bestselling kimonos as a patchwork of four to six different saris. We added flattering cuts, made sleeves in one pattern and the backpiece in a different one. We did this motivated by having less waste in our production. What we realized was that these mix styles would be even more cherished and sought than the solid coloured styles.

The goal for our Zero Waste concept is to use all the fabric of the beautiful and unique saris. We have continued our development on zero waste and as our production multiplied many times over the years, the amount of leftovers also grew. To use all these pretty scraps, we design tiny styles like Christmas ornaments, scrunchies, hairbands, belts and other accessories.
When making smaller products and mixed styles, we can use saris with flaws like errors in the weave, small holes or stains from their long life. Beautiful saris that would otherwise not have been used get extended life.

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