Who we are

SISSEL EDELBO was founded in 2004 by Jeanne Sissel Thomsen with the vision of creating a fashion brand based on pure values

Behind the Fashion Brand SISSEL EDELBO is two women, for whom the focus of combining sustainability with flattering silhouettes, prints and bohemian lifestyle is always key. SISSEL EDELBO was founded in 2004 by Jeanne Sissel Thomsen, with the vision of creating a fashion brand based on pure, sustainable values as well as their love for feminine and colorful prints.

Team SISSEL EDELBO aim to source the finest vintage fabrics from India, and transform these into wardrobe favorites for women, who like us, wish to have a unique and sustainable style. The core of SISSEL EDELBO is upcycling of beautiful vintage saris, which in generations have been worn by Indian women. The colorful reusable saris are carefully chosen, before being redesigned into flattering styles with a modern boho vibe.

SISSEL EDELBO annually develops five ready-to-wear collections, a living collection and our beloved christmas season collection.

All SISSEL EDELBO styles have their own unique story and shows both Indian heritage and the modern, nordic silhouettes. A SISSEL EDELBO style perfectly combines playful appearance with everyday comfort. Our design collections let you fall in love with just that exact one-of-a-kind item that matches you and your personal style.

We take pride in giving saris new life, and we do our utmost in the process of finding the finest saris according to colors, patterns and quality. All fabrics are carefully handpicked by the SISSEL EDELBO founders themselves, which gives SISSEL EDELBO styles that recognizable overall curated look, as well as each style being unique.

We create fashion for women, who desire a colorful and distinct wardrobe, as well as care to consume with the environment and Mother Earth in mind.

We are committed to find the utmost beautiful vintage fabrics in India, and rework these into dreamy styles to last season after season. We commit to value sustainable solutions and qualities above profit and demand.

Our story

Through upcycling of vintage saris, we bring new life to traditional dressing, and make sure the story continues

Generation after generation, Indian women have dressed up in beautiful and vibrant saris. Every sari tells a story of Indian heritage and not least the women, who wears them for both every day and celebrations.
Through upcycling of vintage saris, we bring new life to traditional dressing, and make sure that The Story Continues.

Circularity¬†is a natural part of our DNA, which we as brand wish to widen, together with you as woman and consumer, to ensure the future of our planet ‚Äď Because there is no planet B.
We buy used saris through agents, who travel from town to town, village to village and from house to house, to buy the used saris, directly from the womens wardrobe.
The old saris are exchanged for money or swapped for new household supplies for the women. We like that we contribute to women transforming their used clothes to something that brings them value.

Q and A

Where do you produce your garments?
All our products are produced in India by a selected group of suppliers. We travel to India 3-4 times a year, to visit both sari suppliers and factories, to maintain our good relations with our collaborators and partners, as well as assure the well-being of employees. We wish to have positive impact on the people contributing to our production, and our vision is to treat everyone in our value chain with dignity and respect.
One of our suppliers we have worked with since 2006, and we have developed a very close relation.
As we grow, we have initiated collaborations with more suppliers to improve our product as well as broaden our network of sari suppliers.

What is a sari?
A sari is a traditional Indian garment, which is draped and tied around the body. A sari measures typically between five and seven meters in total and is about one to one and a half meter wide.
Saris come in numerous detailed patterns and qualities. A sari is a symbol of femininity, elegance and beauty. SISSEL EDELBO wish to preserve these values and the story in our upcycled styles for the next women to wear.

What is upcycling?
Upcycling means working circular by using something existing to create a new product of higher value and meaning. We redesign and reuse Indian saris. In that way, we produce more eco-friendly than conventional clothing production, since we do not use resources producing new raw material. We upcycle something already used and bring new life to the beautiful saris.

What materials do SISSEL EDELBO use for their products?
Since most of our products are made from reused saris, we cannot inform the exact compositions. Saris can vary a lot in both weave and quality. We collect more than 100.000 saris a year and choose the prints and qualities, which meet our high standards. We handpick saris ourselves to ensure it is textiles we can vouch for.

Every collection has some 100% silk styles, which we in cooperation with our most exclusive supplier have produced from exquisite 100% silk saris. Hangtags and care labels will mark the styles that are made of silk. The price of these styles will differ from the rest of the collection, where the composition cannot be defined.

As a new take on slow fashion we are introducing you to the traditional Indian hand work against our wide range of eye-catching vests and jackets, made in hand embroidered blanket wear. No machine - only human hand creations.

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