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Sustainable and reusable face masks
A product that can be connected to the year 2020 is the face mask. The pandemic has been a big influence on all of our lives, and everyone has been affected by it in their everyday life. Besides measures such as good hand hygiene and coughing in one’s sleeve, many as gotten new expressions in their vocabulary after the corona pandemic - number of infected, face masks and hand sanitizer. Face masks has become a part of our daily life and questions about which face mask to choose has been raised. And of course, there is an environmental issue as well when it comes to disposable face masks. At SISSEL EDELBO you will find a sustainable fabric face mask. You can even buy the face mask in inviting colors and prints, so you are not associated with the clinical vibe that exist when it comes to face masks. Our face masks are sustainable as they are made of reused leftover fabrics that only are available in small amounts. The masks consist of 3 layers and you can wash them at 60 degrees Celsius. The layer you wear against your face is not dyed and made of 100% organic cotton. By using a fabric face cover you are making a sustainable choice as it can be washed and used again and again.

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