We wish to prove that fashion can be made with focus on sustainability and caring for Mother Earth

Protecting Mother Earth is the motivation behind SISSEL EDELBO. We do our best to minimize waste by using materials, that has already been produced, reused or that is leftover. In 2018, the emission from the fashion industry reached 2.1 million tons. In comparison the fashion industry emission of CO₂ equals the entire amount of CO₂ from Germany, France and Great Britain altogether. If nothing gets done, the CO₂ emission is expected to increase to 2,7 billion tons in 2030.*

* Fashion Forum 2020

At SISSEL EDELBO we wish to take responsibility to stop this destructive development. Our mission is to minimize environmental pollution by only producing styles in already existing materials or sustainable certified materials. When using new fabrics, we choose the most sustainable option, either ecological or regenerated and recycled fibres.

Producing clothes will always have an impact on the environment. We wish to prove that fashion can be made with focus on sustainability and caring for Mother Earth. We do this by aiming for Zero Waste and upcycling.

Sustainable choices

We constantly aim to improve our sustainable effort throughout our chain of value, and we are proud of the initiatives already implemented in our business model. We minimize fabric waste and challenge throw-away culture. In the near future, we wish to focus on more sustainable initiatives at our head office in Denmark as well for our online webshop.

Like in any office we use much paper, notebooks and pens. Therefor its relevant to implement more sustainable office supplies. We use only FSC-certified paper in our office and when printing lookbooks, postcards etc. we choose stationary from suppliers with a sustainable focus and try to sort office waste to be recycled. We are not perfect, but we wish to do better.

Right now, our new main focus is getting a more sustainable packaging when shipping goods from our webshop. Now our bags are made from 100% recycled plastic. This type reused LDPE plastic transforms to carbondioxid and water when burned at depot. This recycled plastic is from a Danish plastic factory using leftover plastic from their production that would normally be dumped. However, we are not fully satisfied with this solution.

We do not wish to use disposable plastic, even though it is made from recycled material. Unlike glass, paper and aluminium, plastic cannot be recycled and maintain the same quality. This means recycled plastic is not sustainable in the long run.
We are working on a new solution for packaging for our webshop parcels, made from recycled paper bags. Paper is easy to recycle, and further this matches our Zero Waste mentality. Ideally, we wish to offer a completely circular packaging that would not be thrown out. This is a future goal, which we will work hard to reach.

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