We wish to prove that fashion can be made with focus on sustainability and caring for Mother Earth

Year after year, SISSEL EDELBO prove that fashion can go hand in hand with sustainability and concern for Mother Earth. Protecting Mother Earth is the driving force and basis of existence behind SISSEL EDELBO. We want to partake in the responsibility to stop the destructive development of today’s fashion industry. With the mission to reduce environmental pollution by exclusively producing styles in existing materials or sustainable certified materials, we choose the most sustainable alternative, so that we use either organic or recycled fibres, and thereby reduce waste and CO2 emissions.

Clothing production will always have an environmental impact – our goal is to help reduce it to a minimum by offering an alternative to conventional clothing production. We want to prove that fashion can go hand in hand with sustainability and concern for Mother Earth. At SISSEL EDELBO, we do this by following key principles, including upcycling and Zero Waste.

Sustainable choices

At SISSEL EDELBO, we are constantly working to improve our sustainability efforts throughout our chain of values, and we are very proud of the sustainability initiatives we have already implemented in our business model. We minimise material waste, and we challenge the throw-away culture! An area we would like to focus much more on in the future is sustainable initiatives at our headquarters in Denmark as well as our online webshop.

The focal point of our business is our web shop, where we carefully develop and design our own sustainable packaging. Shipping bags are made from 100% recycled waste plastic and postcards from high-quality recycled cardboard. Our larger shipments to b2b retailers are sent in vintage cardboard boxes, still functional and indicative of our circular Zero Waste profile. As part of DHL GoGreen, SISSEL EDELBO also believe that an investment in sustainability will pay dividends – now and in the future. 

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